Driving Lessons in North West London: 8 Tips On Passing Your Driver’s Test

Here are the best Driving Lessons in North West London tips that most students will find very useful especially beginners students.

1. Don’t rush!

This is the number one thing that causes students to fail during the test. Sweat may make your palm’s slippery, but your foot on the gas will be just fine. It’s actually perfectly legal to be around 5 miles below the speed limit, and your evaluator won’t mark you down. Meanwhile, you’ll feel more comfortable and have more time to make decisions.

2. Traffic Checks Are Mandatory- So Do Them
During the driving test, a “traffic check” means that your examiner sees you look in at least two mirrors and then over your shoulder. You must do this any time you transition lanes, turn, or pull to/away from the curb. These are easy points, and you won’t want to miss them!

3. Always Use The Signal
You may think that because the right lane can only turn right that you don’t need to listen to the clicking of the turn signal, but this is false. Driving instructors are notoriously particular about the turn signal and you must use it any time you move out of your lane (including to/from the curb) or make a turn.

4. Turn Off The Radio
While you may enjoy jamming to hard metal, your examiner may not. It would be a shame to be judged more harshly simply for your music taste, and since you can’t know your examiner ahead of time it’s better not to risk it. Additionally, you’ll be eliminating a distraction.

5. Schedule Your Test Wisely
Tests in the rain, snow, or other harsh weather are subject to additional road rules and will be harder to pass. Check the weather and aim for a sunny day where you have few other obligations to cause stress.

6. Know Your Car
If you’ve never driven in a specific car, don’t test in it! This should be obvious, but many people are willing to sacrifice experience for laziness. Avoid this at all costs and make sure the car you’ve practiced in will be available on test day.

7. Check Your Signals Before the Test
Many people don’t know that before you ever start driving, the examiner will check that all your signal, brake, and headlights are functional. Since many cars don’t tell you when one burns out, enlist a friend before the test to help you determine if yours measure up.

8. Practice Where You’ll Test
If you lucked out and got an appointment at a DMV near you, you may already know the area well. But if you’ve scheduled somewhere you don’t usually travel, spend a day driving around the area and learning the dynamics of major intersections and roads in the area.

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