Congratulations to one of my students who pass his driving test! Thank you for trusting my school.

Congratulations to one of our students!


I’ve been through a few driving instructors

I’ve been through a few driving instructors and find they never have the patience, Gino was really good, made sure I understood the manoeuvres and techniques until I was ready for my test which I passed first time!

I passed my test first time with Gino

Went for my driving test 3 times and failed. My friend told me about Gino and I passed my driving test first time with him. I was so happy with the way Gino taught me, well done and thank you plus I got a £35 top up, great service Gino.

Every driving lesson i took was useful

I’m so lucky to have Gino as my driving instructor. Every driving lesson I took was useful and I learnt lots of new techniques from him. I will definitely recommend him to all of my friends.

Passed test first time

I was really nervous about taking up driving but Gino made me feel comfortable and I was over the moon when I passed first time.

Great teacher…

Dear Gino, thank you very much for your fantastic driving lessons! You have been a great teacher patient calm friendly with a sense of humour

Thank you so much Gino

I was a very scared student. Gino made me so relaxed after I had 3 prior instructors thank you so much Gino.x