Driving School North West London Tips: Don’t be Afraid to Drive

With the high volume of vehicles on the road today it is no wonder many people have developed some form of fear or anxiety with respect to driving. Some people don’t like to drive during periods of high-traffic, others are afraid of the possibility of getting into a serious accident. Whatever the reason for your fear of driving, here are 6 tips from the best driving school North West London on how to conquer your fear of driving and turn you in to a true road warrior!

Tip 1: Keep faith in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The IIHS is an independent, nonprofit scientific educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses from motor vehicle crashes. They perform crash tests and give vehicles crashwortness ratings in areas such as roof strength, head restraint and crash avoidance. Look up the IIHS rating of your vehicle and rest assured that you are rolling in safety.

Tip 2: Trust in your own driving abilities. Remember heading down to the DMV when you were 16? Recall how nervous you were buckling that safety belt while the instructor quickly started jotting down notes on their clip board? We can all remember the nerves associated with taking our driving tests for the first time and for most of us we also remember the joy and relief we experienced once we finished and got that shiny new license! Remember that they gave you that license based on your demonstrated proficiency behind the wheel, so hold that chin up high and remember that you can do this.

Tip 3: Have a little faith in your fellow man. Most drivers don’t get out on the road with the express purpose of getting into an accident. On the contrary, they want to avoid it! Remember that the drivers on the road around you are just as concerned about keeping their driving records clean and accident free as you are. Don’t let yourself get worked up about the possibility of an accident or a near miss, instead remind yourself that no one starts up their engines looking to drive into a destruction derby! You don’t want to get into an accident and neither does the mom in the red minivan next to you.

Tip 4: Play your favorite music while in the car. It’s hard to imagine a car on the road today that does not have some sort of sound system in it. Whether it’s the stock radio or a boombox you carry around in your passenger seat, chances are you’ve got a way to crank some tunes while you drive. Next time you hop in the car put on your favorite Michael Jackson album or that old Neil Diamond tape that grandma used to listen to over and over again. The more comfortable you make your driving experience the less fear and anxiety you will face on the road.

Tip 5: Drive during low-volume periods.For some people the sheer amount of cars on the road is enough to scare them away from driving. They may feel trapped or claustrophobic by the amount of cars on the road and unable to move freely. To combat this try making your car trips during periods of less dense traffic. Avoid morning and evening rush hour times as well as mid-day lunch times. Try to schedule your driving during periods when most drivers are already at their work destinations. This will ensure you are able to travel congestion-free roads and are able to maintain low levels of fear behind the wheel.

Tip 6: Join a support group.This may sound silly but you can find a support group for just about anything these days whether it be a group that physically meets to discuss their topics or an online forum where members can interact in anonymity. Joining a support group will give you comfort in letting you know that you are not alone in your fear and will also help you learn techniques from others that can help you cope with your fear of driving.

Getting behind the wheel doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you or someone you know suffers from road anxiety, hopefully these 6 tips from the best driving school North West London on how to conquer your fear of driving can help you start down the road to coping.

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