Tips on How To Dress Up While Taking Driving Lessons in North West London

‘My dress my choice’ is a phrase that many uses, but one thing for sure, our clothes and attire is our first impression of who we are. We can wear anything but it’s good to always look casual, smart and clean. Wears to consider while taking up driving lessons in North West London.


Flat, slim shoe soles are more flexible and provide a better feel between your feet and the pedal thus allowing you to use the correct pressure rightly. On the other hand long heels,sandals and boots might prove difficult to operate the pedals by either lodging or restricting the movement.


Wear cotton to avoid dripping with sweat on a hotter day and add another top cloth during a colder day which you can easily remove if weather changes.

Pick the right fittings for upper body, too loose will make it difficult to maneuvers while checking the side mirrors,black spots and windows. Down the waist,keep the same thing in mind. Whichever choice, jeans, skirts or trousers suit always go for something that will not cause distractions and flexible.


They are good wearing but it’s good to realize that this is also an exam field and the examiner needs to see you as you look in the mirrors.

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