Refresher Courses

What is the Benefits of Taking a Refresher Driving Course?

Taking refresher driving classes in North West London will help you become a better, safer and more confident when it comes to driving the road. Taking a refresher driving course and learning again gives you safe driving principles that reduces the risk to yourself and your passengers and of course to other road users.

We can customised your course based on your driving needs. It’s a quick, easy and useful way to re-learn your driving skills and learn more about safe driving skills from a professional driving instructor.

Refresher Courses Benefits: 

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased enjoyment remembering the first time you learn to drive
  • All types of parking dual carriageway motorway
  • How to change a tyre
  • How to install a baby seat
  • Pararell parking country roads city a school run

How much will it cost?

One hour lesson standard rate of £26ph
Block of 1-5 hours £23ph

How many lessons will I need?

It depends entirely on you.